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Agricultural Loans

Agricultural Loans

This product is for customers engaged in farming activities on both titled land and SNL.
Minimum :E 0.00
Maximum : 15 million
Repayment Period : 3 - 5 years
Security : should cover 100% of the debt
Promoter’s Contribution : 20% of the debt


Legal documents
a) Memorandum of association
b) Certificate of incorporation
c) Form J
d) Form C
e) Tax clearance certificate
f) Trading licence
g) Chief’s consent (if farming on SNL)
h) Quota from RSSC (Sugarcane farmers)
i) Water rights
Business Documents should include :
a) A business plan, an application letter and cash projection.
b) A contract document, a purchase order and letter of intent
c) A shareholder’s resolution to borrow
d) A contractor’s confirmation of contract
e) Company address, bankers, auditors and authorized signatories
Promoter documents should include:
a) Identity documents of shareholders and directors
b) Passport sized photos
c) Personal balance sheets of shareholders and directors
d) CV’s of shareholders and directors
e) Contact numbers and addresses of shareholders and directors
Contribution documents:
a) Bank statement showing proof of 20% deposit
b) Application fee

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