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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Does IDCE require collateral before it funds a business?
Requests for collateral depend on various factors such as the state of the promoter’s balance sheet and type of IDCE product you are applying for.
2Does IDCE take equity in one’s business?
3What interest rate rates does IDCE charge?
IDCE funding is designed to suit the uniqueness of the business and since no two projects are alike, there is no standard interest rates. Interest rates range between 15% and 20%.
4Does IDCE finance personal loans?
5What is the application waiting period?
• The turnaround time is dependent on the submission of requisite documents after which the processing period is calculated henceforth.
• The processing of applications is categorized according to funds required
¬ E10 000.00 – E 500 000, 2 weeks
¬ E500 000 – 10 Million, 3 weeks
¬ Above 10 Million, 2 months
6Do you finance foreigners residing in Eswatini?
Yes. The company should be registered in Eswatini and must have a local shareholding at least __ (insert) __%
7What differentiates IDCE from a bank?
IDCE is a Development Finance Institution (DFI) which means that it invests funds to profitable businesses with the underlying aim to promote the development of a country. Both DFI’s and banks fall under the wide umbrella of financial institutions. Banks on the other hand are deposit taking organizations that lend out money.
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