Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


IDCE is a development financier which was set up to finance the industrialisation of the Eswatini economy. IDCE has several products designed to meet the needs of customers. Follow this link to see more on our products View Products

  • Technically and economically feasible
  • Financially viable
  • Soundly managed
  • Create employment

IDCE does not offer personal loans. Funding is targeted to registered business/registered sole traders.

Businesses which are illegal according to the laws of Eswatini, residential projects, as well as liquor businesses.

An application to IDCE can be made in two ways:

  • Online on the IDCE website by clicking on this link (opens on new tab).
  • A physical submission of the required documents to the IDCE Office: 5th Floor, Dlanubeka Building, Mbabane
  • Tel: 2404 3393 / 2404 4010
  • WhatsApp: +268 7622 9989

No. IDCE funds businesses and commercial projects.

Yes, IDCE  does require collateral. The value of the collateral must be equal to or more than the loan in value.

  • The turnaround time is dependent on the submission of requisite documents after which the processing period is calculated henceforth.
  • The processing of applications is categorized according to funds required
  • Typically:
    • E10 000.00 – E 500 000, 2 weeks
    • E500 000 – 10 Million, 3 weeks
    • Above 10 Million, 2 months

IDCE funding is designed to suite the uniqueness of the business and since no two projects are alike, there is no standard interest rate. Interest rates at IDCE range between 15% and 20%.

  • To promote and facilitate the economic development of the Kingdom of Swaziland.
  • To identify opportunities for development of new and existing industrial commercial and agricultural business undertakings, to conduct all necessary research into the potential of all such undertakings, and to prepare, implement and execute plans for the establishment or improvement of such undertakings by whatever means appropriate, including but not limited to, direct financial investment in such undertakings, or active participation therein with persons, firms or companies whether locally or externally based.
  • Increase the value of its shareholders’ investments.
  • Practice cost-efficient management.
  • Maintain sustainable growth.